ABOUT TERRAVERDE Shop philosophy

We sell Sicilian food directly from our selected producers in Sicily, all pur products and producers are EU and HACCP certificated

We selected 41 Sicilian producers right for our Terraverde Shop. We do sell 235 products in our Shop. Get the list at the Food Categories 


Food delivery

Order from your own place, easy to select our food in our online shop, ready to your door by calling us or make a mail.

Producer information

We provide our food producers information in a vademecum to all our clients, under request.

Fresh food guarantee

Our fresh food and veggies are weekly ordered from our Sicilian producers in order to have always the best season food.

Catering Consultancy

We have a special section dedicated to local catering, if you are interested please contact us.

Co-working place discount

Come to have a good caffe or cappuccino and enjoy our working desk and powerful wifi for free

Food awareness course

Book your own course at our shop


take a look at our video to better understand how we select Terraverde Producers group and get to our high quality offer

We are in Berlin here you find pur direction: